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WCARC Ham Fest 2019 Recap

If you missed Ham Fest 2019, you missed out on a great time.  This year we had around 40 people attend with 10 tables of Radio Treasures as well as a few sales going on out in the parking lot.

While we had more attendees and more swap tables this year, I think the noticeable difference was in the atmosphere.  People stayed a lot longer this year and there were a lot more discussions going on in the swap tables.  Many more people took the time to sit and relax with lots of face-to-face QSOs.  It was great to see the comradery and many people left with new ideas and things to do in the hobby.  John, WJ0NF, brought in a 3D printer and was printing Ham Radio related items which sparked a lot of good discussions as well.

Brad, AK0BC, was heading the testing sessions and was happy to report that we have 2 new Techs, 1 new General and 1 new Extra licensed individuals.  Two people also stopped in to meet with Brad for Card Checking.

It was great to see everyone there.  This is not a big event, yet, but it continues to grow and I think it helps us all be more active in the hobby.

The WCARC Picnic is next weekend and we hope to see everyone there.  73