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Oatmeal Net

  • Every Weekday, except Holidays, from 7:30 to 8 AM on 146.94 (-) MHz | Tone 107.2


Oatmeal Net Preamble

Good Morning Western Colorado.

It is:  Date
This is (name & call sign) acting as your host to the Oatmeal Net.

This net is conducted utilizing the Western Colorado Amateur Radio Club owned
repeater 146.94 Mhz with a tone of 107.2 hz, which operates Monday thru
Friday 0730 to 0800 local time except holidays.

If anyone wishes to use the repeater during this net just let us know and we will
yield the frequency to you.

This net is conducted to check equipment and pass along club messages and
continue our ham education.

When you check in please use your call sign and name if you are new or an
infrequent user.  Then wait for the moderator to acknowledge you.

This is an open net and everyone is welcome.

I am now standing by for check ins.



  • Every Tuesday at 7:30 PM on 146.94 (-) MHz | Tone 107.2

Radioactive is the evolution of the New Ham Net. New hams are always welcome to check in and ask questions, but hams of all experience levels are encouraged to join in the conversation. Steve has many more PowerPoint based presentations planned. And some weeks, we will just take check-ins and see where the conversation goes. There’s something for all hams on Tuesday nights on the 94 repeater!

Join us every Tuesday evening at 7:30 on the 146.94 (tone 107.2) repeater for Radioactive!