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Listing – September 2018

Bob Davis, KB0DC has a, New In Box, Yaesu FT70DR/DE.  Digital Analog Dual Band 2M/70cm Radio.  $180, never opened.  He also has a new 2018 ARRL Handbook for $45. 
Bob can be reached at:

Listing – September 2018

Like new SteppIR 2 Element Yagi Antenna and iCom IC-7300 Radio For Sale.  Please see the PDF link below for pictures, details and contact information.

Listing – August 2018

Looking for some vintage equipment?  Here is your chance.

For additional information, please contact: 


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Make Model Description
Astatic D-104 w/ UG-8 stand Lollipop Microphone
Astatic D-104 w/ UG-8 stand Lollipop Microphone
Astatic D-104 w/ UG-8 stand Lollipop Microphone
Astatic D-104 w/ UG-8 stand Lollipop Microphone
Astatic- Electro Voice 423A Type 630 Ohms HiZ
Astron RS-20A Power Supply
B&W 51SB-B Single Sidebanded Generator
Collins (mute) Red Box 12V
Collins 12Z Remote Amplifier
Collins 30L-1 Amplifier
Collins 30L-1 Amplifier
Collins 312 B-3 Speaker Unit Serial #1194
Collins 312B-5 Wattmeter
Collins 32S-3 Transmitter
Collins 51 J-4 Communications Receiver Serial #2003
Collins 51S-1 Receiver
Collins 75S-3B Receiver Matches 32S-3 Tranmitter
Collins 75S-3C Receiver
Collins KWM-2 Transceiver
Collins KWM-2 Transceiver
Collins KWM-2A Transceiver
Collins KWM-380 Transceiver
Collins KWS-1 Transmitter
Collins KWS-1 Transmitter
Collins R-388/URR Receiver Serial #116
Collins R-390A Receiver 029-1141-002
Contact 590VR Voltage Regulator Input 110 VAC 60Hz Output 0-130 VAC 60Hz
Drake 2-B Comminication Receiver
Drake 2-B Comminication Receiver
Drake 2-BQ Q Multiplier
Drake R-4B Receiver
Drake TV-3300-LP Low Pass Filter
Eldorado 970 Frequency Counter
Globe Electronics Globe Scout 680-A AM/CW Transmitter
Gonset G-50 6 Meter Communicator
Gonset G-77A Transmitter
Hallicrafters R-42 Reproducer
Hallicrafters HA-1 T.O. Keyer
Hallicrafters HT-37
Hallicrafters HT-44 Transmitter
Hallicrafters PS-150-120 Power Supply
Hallicrafters SR-150 Transceiver
Hammarlund HQ-180 Transceiver
Dynamic LS-166/U Dynamic Loudspeaker 16366-PP-62
Heathkit DX-60 AM/CW Transmitter
Heathkit HG-10 VFO
Heathkit HO-10 Monitor Scope
Heathkit HO-13 Ham - Scan
Heathkit SB-220 2 KW Linear Amplifier
Heathkit SB-600 Speaker
Heathkit SB-610 Oscilloscope
Heathkit SB-610 Oscilloscope
Heathkit SB-610 Oscilloscope
Heathkit SB-630 "Identify" Control Console
Hewlett Packard 3476B Digital Multimeter
Hewlett Packard 400E AC Voltmeter
Hewlett Packard 410B Vacuum Tube Volt Meter
Hewlett Packard 410C Voltmeter
Hewlett Packard 5382A 225MHz Frequency Counter
Hewlett Packard 606B Signal Generator
Johnson Viking Adventurer
Johnson Viking Ranger Transmitter
Johnson Viking Ranger II Transmitter
Johnson Match Box
Kenwood TR-2400 FM Transceiver (hand held)
Kenwood TS440S HF Transceiver
Lafayette 99-50734 Voltmeter
Midland 70-2351 LMR-Land Mobile Radio
Motorola T-1013-A R.F. Load Resistor
Motorola TSN6000 A-1 7" Square Speaker
National NC303
National Speaker
Shure 444 Microphone
Simpson 260 Voltmeter
Tektronix 465-B Osilloscope
Tektronix 465-B Oscilloscope
Termaline 81 Coaxial Resistor
Uniden Bearcat 800XLT Air/Police/800MHz 40 Channel Scanner
Uniden Presiden HR 2510 Transceiver
Morse Code Key on Clipboard
Volt/Amp Meter
Microphone (unknown manufacturer) Lollipop microphone