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Special Operating tips for the Oatmeal Net:


  1. Listen, listen, listen!
  2. Pause with a 1-2 count to give the repeater time to key up.
  3. ID with call sign…slowly.
  4. If moderator is brand new, it is nice to give your call sign along with your first name and location to help the moderator out.
  5. If the moderator says “I don’t understand that”, give your call sign phonetically.
  6. Give your call sign at the end of your conversation. (PER FCC RULE 97.119)
  7. Wait until the last person finishes (Call Sign) before you try to check in.  Note: Most moderators say something like “Thank you for your check in” after the previous person ends with their ID.
  8. Use “Re-Check” or “Contact” to check back in or to contact someone else.  Wait for the moderator to acknowledge you before you start talking.
  9. When you check in, please use just your call sign or call sign plus name if you are new or the moderator is new. Wait to be acknowledged by the moderator. This prevents long doubles.
  10. Please use high power on your hand held. And Location, Location, Location.


Thanks to Dave AKØMR for these tips.

PDF Version of 2019 Schedule

PDF Version of 2020 Schedule