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Supporting the ARRL through Amazon Prime

Do you support the ARRL? Do you have an Amazon Prime account? Then you can use one to help the other and our hobby.

Amazon Prime members have the ability to select a charity of their choice that they can support through their normal purchases. When you are on your Amazon Prime main screen, you should see the “Supporting…” field under the search box at the top. Move your mouse over that Supporting area, you will see a window like the image on this posting. You can then click on the word “Change” after the currently supported charity. You will then be able to search for and change your Charity to the American Radio Relay League.

It doesn’t cost you anything but a small portion of your purchases go to the ARRL and help them to support our hobby. It might only add up to $15 or $20 a year but if hundreds or thousands of us choose the ARRL, it could be thousands of dollars to support this great hobby!