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Second Order for Ed Fong Antennas

Hey everyone!  Ed’s given us another chance to order his antennas.  For those who didn’t get an order in last time (or for whom I failed to add their order…) now’s your chance to get one of Ed’s great antennas.  Please look at his website (edsantennas.weebly.com) to pick out what you want.  We will submit one big order to Ed as a club.  Please email your order to me by 5/18.

Here’s a list of available items we can order as a group:

  • DBJ-1: $30
  • DBJ-2: $30
  • TBJ-1: $60
  • 50ft RG8x coax: $25
  • 6ft extension for DBJ-2: $5
  • GP5/ SSB radio: $65
  • BNC (female) to PL259 adapter – $2.50
  • SO-239 to BNC (male) – $2.50
  • BNC (female) to SMA (male) – $2.00
  • SMA (female) to SMA (female) – $1.00

Email me with your order.  I will reply to get payment information.


Terry (KE0HNW)