Education Presentation: “FT8” on November 11, 2017

Club Event: Educational Presentation Outline Posted on behalf of Dan AE∅DM and Steve K∅GUZ  FT8: The new mode is named after its developers, Steven Franke, K9AN, and Joe Taylor, K1JT. The numeral designates the mode’s 8-frequency shift keying format. (description courtesy ARRL 8/01/2017) FT8 for WCARC version 1.0   Additional information:

WCARC Annual Picnic

WCARC Annual Picnic Sherwood Park, Juniper Shelter 9 September 2017 – 3:00 to 7:00 pm   The WCARC Members Club Picnic is Saturday September 9th from 3-7pm.  Hot Dogs and Burgers, Buns and condiments will be provided.  Please bring a dish to share according to the assignments below.  First initial of your last name indicates …