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New Ham Net becomes Radioactive

The New Ham Net is evolving.  Steve (KE0BPD) and Terry (KE0HNW) have noticed that there is not nearly as much interest in a net for brand new hams as there used to be.  They have also noticed that many of the local hams who check in are more experienced and have interest in topics that are more advanced than those a new ham would benefit from.  So, beginning in June, Radioactive has taken the place of the New Ham Net.  New hams are always welcome to check in and ask questions, but hams of all experience levels are encouraged to join in the conversation.  Steve has many more PowerPoint based presentations planned.  And some weeks, we will just take checkins and see where the conversation goes.  There’s something for all hams on Tuesday nights on the 94 repeater!

Join us every Tuesday evening at 7:30 on the 146.94 (tone 107.2) repeater for Radioactive!


Terry (HNW) & Steve (BPD)