New Ham Net – Alive and Well


New to the hobby?  Have a Ham Radio License but the radio needs a charge and is covered in dust? 

Charge that radio up, give it a good wipe down and join us every Thursday night at at 7pm (MST) for the New Ham Net.  Meet people in our area that are happy to Elmer (help you out) and answer your questions about the hobby.  There is an amazing array of things you can do in this hobby.  Talking with other Hams is a great way to learn about these things and expand your enjoyment in Ham Radio.

I know what your thinking, “This is one of those things that has to bounce around off of antennas and requires all that radio programming stuff.  Who has the time and patience for that?”.  First off, it is not nearly that hard to setup your radio and there are a lot of us out there that would be happy to help you get started.  If programming your radio is stopping you, I encourage you to come to a club meeting or reach out to us on our WCARC Facebook page or via email.  There is always someone in our hobby that can help you out.

If you do want to try and program your radio, the New Ham Net is on the Black Ridge Repeater.  The frequency is 146.940 MHz, the Offset is -600 Khz and the Tone is 107.2.  If that is just non-sence to you, please reach out to us at one of the links below so we can help you get that radio programmed and then meet up with you on the air next Thursday.

We really hope to hear you checking in.