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New DMR Repeater on Longhill

Barthold, AD0RM, would like to report that his new repeater on Longhill, near Ridgeway, is up and running. 

The DMR repeater is operating on frequency 447.800, negative offset, CC 1. Currently static talkgroups are TG91 (world wide) on timeslot 1, and TG31086 (Western Colorado, which he believes is also statically linked by Bill W0BX, in his repeater in Grand Junction) on timeslot 2. The repeater will also happily repeat analog FM signals, but that is not its main purpose. Feel free to experiment and key up some talkgroups if you’re into DMR. His informal testing showed he can hit it with a handheld from Ouray and at least parts of Montrose, as well as from the top of Imogene pass.

If you have any questions about the repeater, please reach out to him.  He is good on QRZ.