Hamvention is just around the corner!

The 2018 Ham Radio Convention, Hamvention, is May 18th thru the 20th.  Most manufacturers and retails will be on hand and you know there will be some new products announced or put on sale.  To get all the related information, as well as video coverage during and after the event, I have put together a list of links below.  Most of us won’t be able to attend but the online coverage should be good.

  • Hamvention website – There is supposed to be an Official Live Stream as well.  Check it out on their Streaming Page.
  • Green County Fair Gounds Website
  • John from the Field Radio Podcast will be providing lots of coverage.  These are links to his Website and YouTube channel.
    • The Ham Radio 360 – Field Radio Podcast is prepared to give full coverage to the event through live stream events, recorded interviews, and social media posts.”
  • Jason from HamRadio 2.0 will be attending and posting Videos.  You can check out his Website and Youtube channel for coverage.
  • The guys from Amateur Logic TV will be there.  Check their Website and Youtube channel for coverage.
  • The team from Ham Nations will be there doing a live show.  You should be able to find a recording of that event via their Website or YouTube channel.
  • Tom Medlin over on W5KUB.COM might be covering the event.  You can also check his YouTube channel.
  • You might also check Ham Radio Now.  Watch the Website and Youtube for related materials.

I am sure there are a lot more that I missed.  Google is a good place to start looking.  73