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Building a Single Band Transceiver

At the December club meeting, Steve (K0GUZ) produced a short presentation on being an ELMER and working with others to advance the hobby.  He has started on a new project to build a single band transceiver from a QRP-Labs kit.  He is looking for others, Hams or those just interested in the hobby, to build along with him.  He would like to get a group of people working on this project simultaneously so everyone can interact, support each other with our individual skills, finish a successful project and learn something along the way.  If you have a friend that might be interested, this might be a great opportunity for you to work on a project with them.

We all talk about advancing the hobby and getting others involved.  Here is a chance to get started.

Direct link:  QRP Labs 5 watt CW Transceiver Kit

Steve has started posting about this project on his blog.  Please reach out to him there for additional information.  Steve’s Blog

73 from The Western Colorado Amateur Radio Club